Veterans Benefits

Veteran Benefits

Employment Assistance Program

Workforce Development Offices throughout the State are equipped to assist Hoosier Veterans with their transition from the service to civilian life. They specialize in tailored training and job placement opportunities for veterans with service-connected disabilities and coordinate services provided veterans including counseling, testing, and identifying training and employment opportunities.

The phone number to the Indiana Workforce Development veteran’s representative in Shelbyville is: (317) 392-3279 Ext 308 & 332

Golden Hoosier Passport

A Golden Hoosier Passport is available for discounted purchase and provides unlimited admission to all Indiana State owned parks, recreation areas, reservoirs, and forests. It is NOT valid for historic sites, museums, memorials and other Department of Natural Resource (DNR) facilities. The pass is good for one calendar year.

Persons eligible for a Disabled American Veteran license plate under IC 9-18-18-1 may purchase the Hoosier Golden Passport at DNR facilities around the State. If you have Disabled American Veteran plates on the vehicle simply drive to the gate and the attendant will sell you the Hoosier Golden Passport. If you do not have the plate but believe you are eligible, you will be given a form to request the plate, which you must send to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs for verification.

Delayed High School Diploma

Delayed high school diploma program offers High School Diplomas to eligible Veterans who left high school and served honorably during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam wars. 

Veterans, or their surviving spouses or eligible family members, may submit an application to the Indiana Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery

The Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery is located in Madison, Indiana. And is open to any Hoosier veteran eligible to be buried in a national cemetery.   The spouse of an eligible veteran will also be eligible to be buried there.

NOTE:  There is no charge for the grave site or use of the Chapel for Internment services. Any eligible Veteran who is an Indiana resident will be buried at no cost to the family.  Burial of a spouse or will require the payment of an opening and closing fee. The fee will be determined by the type of grave site.  For additional information, you may contact the Superintendent at 812-273-9220.

Motor Vehicle License Plates, Licenses and Waivers 

Indiana currently has the following license plates available to eligible veterans:

Hoosier Veteran Plates: Any resident of the State who was honorably separated from the active Armed Forces can purchase a Hoosier Veteran license plate. Simply take your DD-214 or your Discharge Certificate to your local BMV office and request the special plate. There is a $15 charge for the Hoosier Veteran plate.

Disabled Hoosier Veteran Plates allow parking in handicapped spaces and free parking in legal metered spaces for veterans with qualifying service-connected disabilities that impair mobility.

Ex-Prisoner of War Plates: The POW license plate is available to all ex-prisoners of war or the surviving spouse of a deceased POW. Applications for these plates are available from the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs must verify the eligibility of the applicant.

Purple Heart Plates: Any Hoosier Veteran who has received the Purple Heart Medal is authorized to have these special license plates. Applications may be obtained at the BMV or from the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. The veteran must present official documentation of the award, and the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs must verify the veteran’s eligibility.

Support Our Troops Plates  This special plate with a yellow ribbon is now available for purchase by all Hoosiers, whether or not they are a veteran. Most of the proceeds from this plate will go into the Military Family Relief Fund.

Gold Star Plate The Gold Star Family license plate is available to the spouses, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, or children of anyone who died while serving on duty in the military – active, Reserve or National Guard. There is no additional cost for the Gold Star Family license plate. Regular vehicle registration fees and taxes still apply. To be eligible for the plate, family members must provide an official DD Form 1300 from the Department of Defense.

Prisoner of War – Missing In Action Plate (current POWs/MIAs) The Prisoner Of War-Missing In Action license plate sponsored by Indiana Rolling Thunder honors all Hoosier veterans who are currently missing in action or listed as prisoners of war. Funds from the sales of this plate will go to the Veterans Assistance Trust Fund established by the General Assembly in 2007 to assist veterans and their families in times of financial hardship. The cost of the Prisoner Of War-Missing In Action license plate includes vehicle registration fees and taxes, a group fee of $25, and an administrative fee of $15. This plate is available online through myBMV, at license branches, and at other customer service locations. For more information, Click Here.

Peddlers, Vendors, or Hawkers

These licenses are free of charge to any honorably discharged wartime veteran.  See your county auditor.

Property Tax Deductions

DISABLED VETERAN PROPERTY TAX DEDUCTIONS may be available for service-connected disabled (10% – 100%) wartime service veterans, peacetime veterans who are 100% service connected disabled; or over age 62 with 10% or greater service-connected disability rating.  Maximum property value restrictions apply.

Click Here for the Certificate of Eligibility for Disabled Veteran Property Tax Deduction. To review the entire Indiana Code 6-1.1-12 click HERE  the sections that reference the Disabled Veteran Property Tax Deductions are 13, 14, and 14.5

Tuition and Fee Exemption for the Child(ren) of a Disabled Veteran

The biological or legally adopted child(ren) of eligible disabled Indiana veterans may be eligible for Tuition and Fee Exemption at any state-supported post-secondary school or university in the State of Indiana. All students must submit a copy of their birth certificate or adoption papers with their application. Applications submitted without the appropriate documentation will be returned to the student. The child must have been legally adopted. Age restriction for adoption may apply depending on when the veteran initially entered the military.

The veteran must have served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces during a period of wartime, or performed duty equally hazardous that was recognized by the award of service, campaign or expeditionary medal of the United States (the military discharge must reflect that medal)

Along with the application, you MUST send a copy of the student’s birth certificate OR adoption paperwork.  Additionally, we need the veteran’s DD Form 214 (Discharge) AND the award letter issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to verify the service-connected disability rating and all other eligibility requirements.  

Tuition and Fee Exemption for Purple Heart Recipients

A person who entered active duty from a permanent home address in Indiana, received the Purple Heart Medal and received an honorable discharge, is eligible to pay the resident tuition rate at a state-supported college or university and, if otherwise possesses the requisite academic qualifications, is entitled to Tuition and Fee Exemption for 124 semester credit hours. If the student receives financial aid through any other source, the remission of fees is adjusted accordingly.

Resident Veteran Hunting & Fishing License

Any Indiana resident who is service-connected disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs may purchase a license to hunt and fish in the State of Indiana for a reduced fee.

To receive this benefit, the veteran must complete the Application for Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing License for Disabled Veterans available from County Veteran Service Officers, from the Department of Natural Resource offices, or from the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs.  Click HERE to open the Application.

The Veterans Home

The Indiana Veterans’ Home in West Lafayette provides nursing care, short-term rehabilitation services and domiciliary care for honorably discharged Hoosier veterans and their spouses. Eligible veterans have resided in Indiana for at least 12 months before admission, although residency waiver requests may be considered. There is no wartime service requirement.

For more information, contact the Indiana Veterans’ Home at (765) 463-1502 or

Military Family Relief Fund

The Military Family Relief Fund is available to all veterans that served on active duty during a national conflict or war time period.  The emergency grants may be used by the families for needs such as food, housing, utilities, medical services, transportation and other essential family support expenses which have become difficult to afford. Grants up to $2,500 may be awarded. To apply: Applicants must fill out the MFRF packet below.


Please submit completed MFRF Packets to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs Attn: Military Family Relief Fund 302 W. Washington St. Room E-120 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Applications and documentation may also be faxed to 317-232-7721 For more information, please call 317-232-3910.

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