Military Movie Posters
American Legion Post 70 Information

Military Movie Posters

Sometimes, one image can be all it takes to pique someone’s interest in a film. With a dazzling colour scheme, a clever concept, or an arresting image memories can be made. Film posters are more than just marketing materials, they’re undeniably an art form in themselves, with the world’s greatest illustrators and designers (including the likes of Drew Struzan, Saul Bass, and Bill Gold.

Here are a few favourites to bring back great movie memories and to remember our troops.

shelbyvillelegionpost70 berets


shelbyvillelegionpost70 2


shelbyvillelegionpost70 berets 3


shelbyvillelegionpost70 4


shelbyvillelegionpost70 5


shelbyvillelegionpost70 6


shelbyvillelegionpost70 berets 6

Shelbyville victory post 70

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