Memorial Committee

Memorial Committee

departed-vets-USA American Legion  Memorial Committee of the American Legion Post 70 designates an “Honor Guard” as a unit that provides funeral and/or graveside ceremonies in conjunction with the local funeral home. This unit may perform all aspects of the ceremony if there are no active military personnel available, or at the funeral director’s request after consultation with the family. The ceremony would consist of flag folding & presentation, playing of taps, and a rifle salute.

The Honor Guard must present a professional and dignified presence at these ceremonies. Anything less dishonors the family, and the veteran whom we are honoring. The families are always appreciative of our presence during these services.

The Guard may be utilized for any ceremony at which it is appropriate to have a military guard. There are occasions, such as a veteran’s funeral, when the military has an obligation to be there. There are other occasions, such a local parade or festival, when it is good public relations to participate. 

 Care must be taken that the ceremony, event, or some part of the event is not supportive of a cause or activity which may cast the American Legion in a negative or controversial light or bring discredit to the Post simply by association. 

The decision to make available a guard is at the discretion of the Post Commander.

 2016-2017 Memorial Committee


Al Calhoun

Frank Crafton


Larry Bush    

Russ Cutsinger

Doug Elliott

Russ Hamner   

John Hilkene                                 

Jerry Kinder

Ron Tate

Bobby Tucker

Jack Wallace

Roger White

Chuck Williams

Kevin Williams